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2023 Summer News & Updates

Hello and welcome to all of our 129 members!   

It is wonderful to have you on board for our 2023 Grant Award cycle.  Because of your membership and generosity, we will award $179,000 in Grants to three well deserving LOCAL non-profits who serve the needs of our East Bay community.  You WILL make a positive IMPACT to the lives of our neighbors!   

It is inspiring to me to see the cumulative impact of our collective giving.  Since 2017, our investments of over $800,000 in 12 grant award projects have a two-fold benefit:  

  • direct support to people most in need and 

  • provide our non-profit partners the IMPACT data they need to attract millions of dollars in additional funding for their organizations.  

This is truly win-win! 

The backbone of this success is our Grants Award Process, which is in full swing this month.  The wonderful volunteers on the Grant Committee thoroughly vet then selected the top 5 non-Profit project proposals for site visits on May 6.  Finalists for the all-member vote will be announced in mid-July.    If your curious about the process, join the Grant Committee in 2024 – open to all!

We are hosting two events in May. Please join us - click the links to RSVP or learn more.

  • On May 17th, a rich discussion by local non-profit leaders detailing what we can do to support our at-risk youth and create a better future for all.  Thank-you to Ann Wrixon and Sue Schwartzman for spearheading this informative event.  

  • On May 22nd, our annual Tips for Change event at Gianni’s raises money for our chapter – a great way to both eat and donate at the same time!  Thank-you to all our servers and especially Melanie Bartoletti (Gianni’s owner) for enabling this event.

Finally, Stephanie, Denise, Riffi and I met with Wendy Steele (Founder & Chief Executive Impact 100 Global). (Photo below) Wendy is truly inspiring!  She nurtured her idea of changing women’s roles in philanthropy in 2001 into the largest women run collective giving organization in the US with 68 chapters and over $123 million in awards funded.   Nick Cianci, with Magee Women’s Research Institute ( the largest women’s health research center in the world), also joined us.   We plan to work Wendy and Nick to host an educational event on Women’s Health in the fall – details coming soon!

My final request – volunteer if you have time – we need all the help to run this all volunteer organization.  And ask a friend to join, so you can DOUBLE your IMPACT!

Take care of yourselves and others, 



Do you want to make a Bigger Impact this year? 

You can still become a member of Impact100 East Bay until July 1. 

Your $1000 donation will add to our $179,000 grant total so far and you’ll be able to vote and decide which 3 non-profits will receive our large grants this year! 

Join women from all walks of life who come together to make a collective and significant difference in our community. Impact100 East Bay exists to empower women to award large grants that transform lives in the Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

Join now: Membership Application - Impact100 East Bay

Do you have a friend(s) you want to Introduce to Impact100 East Bay? 

Then Save the Date of June 24th to attend a “Taste of” Event!  This gathering is for members and their guests to take part in a simulation to learn about projects that need funding in our community.  

There is no better way to understand the important work of Impact 100 than by learning about the needs in our community and the organizations and projects proposed by our non- profit partners to address those needs.  

Look for an email with more information in about 2 weeks or email and let us know you’re interested.

It’s here – our new Member Directory.  Let’s Connect with Each Other!

We want each of us as members to have the ability to connect with each other, so we have created our first member directory! We have 98 members so far that have agreed to share their contact information.

If you are a 2023 member, you can access the latest member directory at this link (using the email you used when you joined).

If you have trouble accessing the directory or have an update for your information, please email



Impact100 East Bay Board:  

After a rigorous review the Grant Committee has selected the following nonprofits to move to the next phase of our process:

  • Biotech Partners: STEM Internships for girls and Black & Hispanic youth

  • Justice at Last:  Legal training and help for trafficked people

  • Stand! against domestic violence:  use of virtual reality to prevent teen dating violence

  • Ujima Family Recovery:  mother-child mental health in residential recovery program

  • White Pony Express:  Application to assist in food rescue and distribution

We appreciate the time and effort that the Grant Committee and the Finance Team put into reviewing the information and participating in our meetings.  THANK YOU TO ALL!

Some feedback on the process was:

  • We ended early due to great facilitation!

  • The financials were great!  Thank you finance team!

  • We captured questions during the process so the Site Visit Team Leaders can incorporate those into their process.

  • We need to get back to "in person" meetings.

  • We might have done the "hot dot" poll a little prematurely, we should set up a “poll” at the final vote.